inovation/projectDuring the past years, Open Government Institute (formerly known as “CMB” Training Center) implemented several interesting projects in Moldova.

* September 2011 – June 2012 – “Health Education” project (national scale initiative covering all vocational schools and colleges of the country), supported by UCIMP RSS (with funding from Global Fund). The initiative build the capacity of more than 100 teachers to teach Decisions for a Healthy Life Style curriculum to VET and college students in Moldova. It also piloted the curriculum/17 hours course with more than 6 thousand students from across the country, conducting a KAP study to assess the pre-and post knowledge, attitudes and skills of the students and the impact this curriculum made on those who did not take the course.

*August 2009 – November 2010 – “HIV/AIDS Prevention in Eastern Europe, Moldova component. Project supported by GTZ (German Agency for Technical Cooperation). “CMB” Training Center acted as a local partner for implementation of this project for GFA Consulting Group from Germany.

*January – August 2010 – Critical Thinking vs. Elementary School Policies in Moldova”, evaluating the degree to which critical thinking competency is being developed in the elementary schools of Moldova via textbooks or not. Project supported by the Open Society Institute, New York.

*November 2008 – November 2009 – “Vote Mock Elections” Project in Moldova” promoting participatory democracy and decision making in more than 30 communities of Moldova. Project supported by European Commission to the Republic of Moldova. CMB acted as main partner of Hilswerk Austria in Moldova in the implementation of this project.

* May 2008 – December 2009 Youth Leaders for Community Development through Internet Governance”, raised awareness and focused on key issues related to Internet Governance (policy level, infrastructure, legal aspects, economic impact, cultural related issues – content, languages of the ethnic minorities and their online presence, etc), project supported by the Global Knowledge Partnership from Malaysia.

* August 2005 – December 2006: Developing Critical Thinking and Career Planning Skills” , project supported by Better Jl World Institute from LA, USA.

*May 2004 – November 2005: ‶Transforming the Moldovan Museum into a Cultural and Educational Center of the Rural Community”, looked at developing the capacity of museum leaders in Moldova to re-think the soviet-based museum approach towards a more open citizen/visitor oriented style. Supported by Moldova Soros Foundation.

*October 2005 – March 2006: „Creating a sustainable informational framework in the area of Labor Rights in Moldova, supported by UNDP Moldova.

*Years 2003, 2004, 2005: “Developing Critical Thinking Skills” 3 phased project supported by supported by the Better JL World Institute from Los Angeles, USA

*September 2003- November 2005:‶Creating job opportunities for Youth in Moldova”, one of the first initiatives in Moldova to promote the model of internship and volunteerism among university students, and encourage them to gain experience prior to graduating from educational institutions. Supported by the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program, US Embassy in Moldova.

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