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Our organization is currently implementing “The implementation of principles of Open Government in engaging citizens in decision-making processes in Moldova” project, in partnership with eGovernment Center Moldova and e-Government Academy Estonia. The project aims at, based on studies and analysis of existing local practices-cases and Estonian experience and expertise, delivering a practical guidebook on open government and citizen-engagement and supporting creation of local competencies to use this manual actively (via training, demo-workshops). The guidebook is mainly directed at Central Public Authorities representatives and aims at providing a step by step methodological guidance on how to implement the principles of open government in the everyday work of central public authorities. The manual also comes to provide tips on the implementation of already existing legislative acts among which “Laws on access to information”, “Law on transparency in the decision-making processes”, others.

The project objectives are clearly connected to the aims and goals mentioned in following strategic documents Moldova has adopted throughout the past years:

OGP Action Plan for Moldova http://www.opengovpartnership.org/second-action-plan-moldova-2014;

Action Plan for the Strategic Program for Technological Modernization of Governance (e-Transformation) implementation (20.09.2011); 

Open Government Action Plan for the Republic of Moldova (26 December 2014);

Digital Moldova 2020, 19.09.2013

Self-Assessment Report- http://www.opengovpartnership.org/country/moldova/assessment

Independent Reporting Mechanism  IRM raport.

The implementation period of the Project is  01.06.2014 – 30.07.2015. The project is financed by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development co-Operation. 


Illinois Chamber’s Legislative Initiatives For 2013Our current initiatives are related to work on Open Government, particularly focusing on Moldova Action Plan on Open Government, both for 2012-2013, as well as for 2014. We work in close collaboration with E-Government Center on identification of new areas and opportunities for promoting Open Government, Open Data, etc. initiatives.

Veronica Cretu, head of Open Government Institute, is currently a member of the civil society Steering Committee of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and in this capacity actively promotes and supports the work of CSOs in Open Government initiatives: capacity building (webinars, meetings, events), studies and evaluations, articles and posts/reflections on Open Government, etc.

At the end of 2013, we worked with Transparency International Azerbaijan & Economic Research Center Azerbaijan, on Azerbaijan Report on Open Government.

For the past year (2013), Open Government Institute succeeded to promote the Global Partnership for Social Accountability initiative both among civil society and Government of Moldova, and conduct GPSA camp and consultations with CSOs. With GPSA supporting Moldova CSOs there is more hope for more transparency and accountability in the years to come in Moldova.

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