Minutes of the Meetings

The first meeting of the Moldovan PDM on Open Government took place on June 4th and brought together all its members, except for Stella Leuca who is out of country for the time-being and who will join remotely. During the meeting, a number of aspects have been discussed and decided on:

  • Nominating the chairs of the PDM and electing a Gov and CSO representative;
  • Discussing the ways to proceed with the co-creation and how to build on the efforts that have already started during the Open Gov week in May 2018, taking into consideration that end of August is the deadline for the Government to submit its new Plan to the OGP;
  • Members discussed different approaches for identification of ideas/possible examples of commitments for the new plan, from thematic areas and tendencies/trends, to sector related/problem driven iterative adaptation. So that the new plan is focused on commitments that are a HOW to a problem rather than a WHAT;
  • Agreeing on the fact that there is a need to organize a strategic/visioning event with a broader group of stakeholders, most probably mid June 2018;
  • Before the next meeting of the group, work remotely/google docs, to elaborate the PDM’s Plan of Action for the upcoming months and identify the main needs of the group for moving forward.