Permanent Dialogue Mechanism on Open Gov

The State Chancellery of Moldova had established a Permanent Dialogue Mechanism (PDM) on the open government agenda. Note: information about PDM will be soon available on the official web page of the State Chancellery too.

Having such a mechanism in place is a basic minimum requirement for a country which is a member of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), as stated in the Articles of Governance. Moldova joined the OGP back in 2012.  Having a PDM helps strengthen the co-creation of the National Action plans on Open Government (NAPs), deepens legitimacy, ensures that both the Government and CSOs are part of the implementation of the NAPs along with Monitoring and Evaluation. The PDM is established and approved through the Order of the State Chancellery (GovernmentOrder_PDM in Ro) 

Moldovan representatives had its first meeting on June 4th, 2018. Here are the main take away from the first meeting. 

The PDM brings 4 representatives from the Government and 4 from Civil Society and is co-chaired in the same manner, by the Government and Civil Society, following the approach of the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

State Chancellery, represented by Adrian Ermurachi (Deputy State Secretary) is co-chairing the PDM together with the Open Government Institute, represented by Veronica Cretu.

Find out more about our members:

Adrian Ermurachi – Deputy Secretary General of the Government, Co-Chair of the PDM on Open Government




Veronica Cretu is President of the Open Government Institute and is the Co-Chair of the PDM MoldovaShe is currently an Envoy to the Open Government Partnership (OGP).




Natalia Bejenar, chief consultant within the Policy Coordination Department at Moldova State Chancellery and is currently the Point of Contact for the Open Government Agenda/Open Government Partnership (OGP)




Stanislav Ghiletchi, member of the Permanent Dialogue Mechanism on Open Government, Public Policy Expert with Institute for European Policies and Reforms.



Cornelia Amihalachioae, M&E Coordinator and Social Innovation Focal Point with the Moldova E-Government Center, member of the Permanent Dialogue Mechanism on Open Government.



Diana Enachi, Economist with IDIS Viitorul, member of the Permanent Dialogue Mechanism on Open Government





Stela Leucamember of the Permanent Dialogue Mechanism on Open Government.







Daniela Sorahmetov, member of the Permanent Dialogue Mechanism on Open Government, chief consultant Public Administration Department of the State Chancellery of Moldova, responsible for modernization of governmental services.