Open Government Institute and E-Government Center: call for members of the Open Government Working Group

SummitLogo1_1Open Government Institute and E-Government Center are launching a call for members for the national “Working Group on Open Government”.

The group will act as a Coordination Mechanism of the Open Government Partnership for Moldova, being involved at all stages of co-creation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of the National Action Plan on Open Government years 2016-2017.

The coordinating body will bring representatives of public, private sectors, civil society representatives, academia, individual experts, etc. It will have regular face-to-face meetings, as well as will interact online on a regular basis. The future Working Group will bring up to 7 representatives committed to the principles of openness, transparency, citizen engagement and accountability, who are going to be selected through an open call process by e-Government Center and Open Government Institute, the two founding institutions of the Working Group. 

The responsibilities of the members of the Working Group include but are not limited to:

  • Perform the national governance role for the Open Government initiative in the context of co-creation of NAPOG 2016-2017 and play an active role in the process by chairing meetings, organizing consultative events, raising awareness among the community at large, and mobilize participation of all relevant partners, etc
  • Represent the concerns and interests of both the Government and civil society in the National Action Plan on Open Government related processes as well as to identify and flag any challenges that might occur during the implementation process providing guidance and expertise;
  • Engage strategically at the national level, exercising good judgement and engaging effectively with senior government officials and civil society representatives;
  • Make the results of all meetings public/available online;
  • Prepare and share updates on the processes in Moldova with the OGP community;
  • Be part of current OGP working groups;
  • Work closely with the IRM researcher during the evaluation of 2016-2017 NAP.

The composition of the Working Group will be renewed after the completion of all 2016-2017 National Action Plan processes.  While those interested are expected to send in their expressions of interest, the first working meeting of the group is planned for January 10, 2016. Members of the WG will act on voluntary basis and are expected to contribute up to 3 hrs weekly.     


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