Reflecting back on May 2012 Open Government and Open Data initiatives in Moldova

Reflecting back on May 2012 Open Government and Open Data initiatives in Moldova

KeyTakeAways_OpenInnovationWeek2012 – full report by Veronica Cretu

Note: This report is valuable from the perspective of reflecting on the dynamics and energy that was here, in Moldova, back in May 2012 around the issues of Open Government, Open Data, Apps for Moldova, Data Journalism, and other elements. Most of the recommendations are still valid today, and not only for Moldova …


Moldova Open Innovation Week 2012 aimed at implementing / piloting a number of high profile events intended to build on the Government’s recent approval of the National Action Plan on Open Government and the launch of in 2011.

This commitment to the global Open Government Partnership has been led by the e-Government Center with the support of the World Bank and other development partners. The Action Plan is just the start of a process, and Moldova’s progress will be reviewed and compared to the more than 50 other countries already in the Partnership.

The World Bank, the e-Government Center and other partners contributed to the implementation of a programme of events to support key local stakeholders and contribute international expertise to help build the different aspects of an ecosystem around Open Government and Open Data innovations required to achieve the Government’s objectives of greater competitiveness, transparency and citizen engagement.

In line with the above, 4 important events took place during the period of May 14-20, 2012 and more specifically these were:
– Data-Driven Journalism Bootcamp for Moldovan Media (May 14-15, 2012);
– Multi-Stakeholder PFM Training and Data Analysis Workshop (May 16-18, 2012);
– The Open Government Day (May 16, 2012);
– The Open Innovation Weekend (May 18 -20, 2012).

Up to 300 participants representing different stakeholder groups participated in the events: mass media, civil society, Government, Developers’ community, etc.

However, the results of these events are not based only on the efforts put as part of these events, they came in synergy with initiatives launched in Moldova some time ago.
Is the context ready for active take off on Open Data?

Is the community in Moldova prepared to challenge the Government to become more opened and intelligent?

Is there enough capacity and talent in the developers’ community? Is the Government willing to embrace more commitment, involvement and dedication?

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